3.11 Commemoration by the Heiwa Peace & Reconciliation Foundation

3.11 Japan Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami 10th Year Commemoration

Thursday, March 11 at 8:00 p.m. EST

Via Zoom and Facebook Live

Admission: Free

The Japan Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, which included a humanitarian crisis, environmental crisis (Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown), and massive economic impact, happened ten years ago. The disaster created more than 300,000 refugees from the Tohoku region of Japan and resulted in shortages of food, water, shelter, medicine, and fuel for survivors. There were an estimated 20,000 deaths, confirmed and unconfirmed.

The Heiwa Peace & Reconciliation Foundation will host a live event commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Japan Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011. The event is in collaboration with Tomoshibi Project, an NPO from Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures.


The program will begin with an interfaith prayer. Guest speakers Ven. Ryoki Sato of Togen-ji Zen Temple, Iwate; Chizuko Niikawa-Helton of the NY Akita Sake Club; and Yoshihiro Oshimizu of Hoku Hoku Kai, New York will deliver messages. Rev. Dr. TK Nakagaki of the Heiwa Peace & Reconciliation Foundation of New York and the Tomoshibi Project’s Keiichi Sugiura will offer their greetings. Musical guests include Shinji Harada, Manami Hattori, and the Heiwa Peace Band.

The organizers request that, if possible, you prepare two candles to light during the memorial. They should both be blue: one representing the sky, the other representing the sea.

To View the Event

For more information, please visit Heiwa Peace & Reconciliation Foundation’s Facebook page or send an email to HeiwaFoundationNY@gmail.com.