A Look Inside Tokyo Skytree

As you can tell by our logo, JapanCulture•NYC loves Tokyo Skytree.

The world’s second-tallest building, Tokyo Skytree officially opened on May 22 to much fanfare. The tower stands at 634 meters (2,080 feet) with observation decks on floors 340, 345, 350, and 450. The Japanese love rankings, and while Tokyo Skytree is only the second-tallest building, it has surpassed all communications towers for number one.

Despite being the newest thing in Japan, respect for the past is evident the interior’s tiny details. Edo-era patterns appear on the walls throughout building, and the folding screen “Edo Hitomezu Byobu” compares the cityscape of the old Tokyo during the Edo era (circa 1603-1867) with that of the vast expanse of what is now one of the largest cities in the world.

It’s an impressive structure, to say the least. Although it was packed with people and the lines were long, the flow of the crowd is remarkably well done. Our wait in a line that snaked around the lobby was only 30 minutes, and the line to enter the elevator that carried us 350 meters into the sky took about ten minutes.

Rather than go on and on about Skytree, why don’t we just show you.


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