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Freelance Writer • Editor, JapanCulture•NYC

JapanCulture•NYC, Japan, culture, Okinawa, NYC, writing, community, Japanese, Japanese AmericansWith a Caucasian father and an Okinawan mother, Susan Miyagi McCormac Hamaker gave little regard to her Japanese heritage while growing up in a small town in North Carolina. She began studying Japanese at the age of thirty, finding it one of the most difficult and most fascinating things she’s ever done.

Now completely obsessed with Japan, Susan visits the country every year and does all she can to find the language and culture wherever she goes. She’s fortunate to live in New York City, where there are no shortages of restaurants, shops, art exhibits, concerts, events, and people related to her favorite place.

Susan continues to study the language and looks for the intersection between traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. Her goal with JapanCulture•NYC is not only to educate non-Japanese people about Japan, but to strengthen the Japanese and Japanese American community in New York.

In addition to JapanCulture•NYC, Susan has contributed stories to Chopsticks NY, NY Seikatsu, AsianInNY, and the Epoch Times and essays about Japanese baseball to the website Baseball Reflections. She also sporadically blogs at shrinecastle.com.

Susan lives in New York City with her husband and their cat, Berkley.




Assistant Editor, JapanCulture•NYC

JapanCulture•NYC, Japan, culture, Okinawa, NYC, writing, community, Japanese, Japanese Americans, The Daily BerkBerkley is a 19-year-old calico cat who hails from Richmond, Virginia.

She can usually be found on the desk, where she steps on the mouse and sleeps on notebooks. She listens to all recorded interviews, occasionally meowing to indicate a quality quote. In an effort to maintain the quality control of the site, she often exerts her will over the keyboard.

In addition to her work with JapanCulture•NYC, Berkley enjoys naps, a variety of cat food, and vigorous baths. She runs the popular Tumblr blog The Daily Berk.