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Freelance Writer • Editor, JapanCulture•NYC

JapanCulture•NYC, Japan, culture, Okinawa, NYC, writing, community, Japanese, Japanese AmericansWith a Caucasian father and an Okinawan mother, Susan Miyagi McCormac Hamaker gave little regard to her Japanese heritage while growing up in a small town in North Carolina. She began studying Japanese at the age of thirty, finding it one of the most difficult and most fascinating things she’s ever done.

Now completely obsessed with Japan, Susan visits the country every year and does all she can to find the language and culture wherever she goes. She’s fortunate to live in New York City, where there are no shortages of restaurants, shops, art exhibits, concerts, events, and people related to her favorite place.

Susan continues to study the language and looks for the intersection between traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. Her goal with JapanCulture•NYC is not only to educate non-Japanese people about Japan, but to strengthen the Japanese and Japanese American community in New York.

In addition to JapanCulture•NYC, Susan has contributed stories to Chopsticks NY, NY Seikatsu, AsianInNY, and the Epoch Times and essays about Japanese baseball to the website Baseball Reflections. She also sporadically blogs at shrinecastle.com, but posts regularly on Instagram at @japanculturenyc.

Susan lives in New York City with her husband and their cat, Peter.


Fashion Editor

Jen Green JCNYCAs a kindergartener, Jen Green appeared in the Japanese play Momotaro, which sparked her love of all things Japanese. An accessories designer who has worked in the fashion industry for 14 years, Jen travels to Tokyo twice a year in search of inspiration.

She started studying fashion when she was young, taking college classes while she was still in high school. In 2001 she discovered the book FRUiTS at a salon. It put Japanese street fashion on the map for her, and now she runs into Lolitas on the streets of Harajuku during her trips to Tokyo.

For JC•NYC Jen will cover Japanese fashion stories from traditional kimono to contemporary kawaii looks. Follow her adventures in New York and Japan on Instagram @jenpanese.




Japan Enthusiast, Arts & Entertainment Editor, JapanCulture•NYC

Danielle “Dannie” Pierce is a College of Staten Island graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Studio Arts with much experience in applied/studio arts and art history. Also having gallery experience, as well as exhibiting her works in many galleries, she was the Office Administrator at Art Lab, Inc, Staten Island’s premier fine & applied arts school & gallery since 2011. She specializes in oil painting and traditional anime/manga style illustrations.
Dannie is known by many to be an avid admirer of Japanese art, food & culture and has been studying the Japanese language at Japan Society in Manhattan for over a year. She has traveled to Tokyo, Japan, for the first time in 2013 and became totally enamored and felt right at home.
She is both excited and proud to be contributing to a project that shares her two loves – Art and Japan. Recently, she has been exploring more & more places that harbor the growing Japanese scene in New York City and is happy to finally be part of it.
You can also follow her on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/ChangoestoJapan and Instagram @kawaiidchan where she shares videos on Japanese language, cultural events and from her trip to Japan!
New Jersey Reporter
Pat Kinney profile pic
Pat Kinney is a journalist specializing in Japanese food and culture. A New Jersey native, Pat has been in close contact with the Japanese community in the Fort Lee area for 30 years. She has taught Japanese cooking at the New School and wrote the column “Neighbors from Japan” in the New Jersey Record for a decade. Pat was a tour leader to Japan for the Smithsonian and once appeared on an NHK episode of “The New Yorkers” called “Pat Kinney, Let’s Sushi!” You can see Pat perform with Harmony Basket, Japanese Women’s Chorus.
Junior Assistant Editor

Intern Peter in HakamaPeter left a career in the restaurant industry for a six-month internship at JapanCulture•NYC, and in June 2015 he was promoted to Junior Assistant Editor.

His work ethic was apparent from the beginning, and he puts in long hours soaking up the warmth of the computer keyboard and insuring pens don’t stay on the desk for too long. In addition to his fabulous hakama, he has a growing collection of fashionable feline neckwear.

To see daily pictures of his work around the office, follow his Instagram account, @marc_and_peter.



BERKLEY (January 5, 1995 – September 18, 2014)
Assistant Editor, JapanCulture•NYC

Assistant Editor BerkleyWe said goodbye to JC•NYC’s Assistant Editor Berkley on September 18, 2014. Our feisty girl had a tumor on her kidney for a year and a half, and she battled it until the end. She was 19 years old. In early March of 1995, Susan and her husband, Marc, went to the animal shelter in Richmond, Virginia, to adopt a kitten. Although all of the cats there were great, they had a tough time finding the “right” one. The volunteer who was helping them was called away by another volunteer carrying a kitten with the most unique face they’d ever seen. She explained that a man adopted Berkley the week prior, but he had been diagnosed with full-blown AIDS. Knowing he couldn’t take care of a kitten, he brought her back in the hopes that the shelter would find someone who could. Susan’s heart ached for the man, but it was also filled with joy at the site of this calico. From the moment Susan saw those pointy ears and that giant black splotch across her nose, she knew Berkley would be her cat. .

Berkley became the JC•NYC’s Assistant Editor when the website was formed in 2011. She could be found on the desk, where she stepped on the mouse and slept on notebooks. She listened to all recorded interviews, occasionally meowing to indicate a quality quote. In an effort to maintain the quality control of the site, she often exerted her will over the keyboard. In addition to her work with JapanCulture•NYC, Berkley enjoyed naps, a variety of cat food, and vigorous baths.

Everyone at JapanCulture•NYC misses her dearly. RIP Berkley!