Analyzing Iconic Anime

Through a Glass Darkly: Identity Crises in Ghost in the Shell and Evangelion

Tuesday, October 20 from 8:00 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.

Live Stream on YouTube

Admission: Free

The Japan Foundation, New York launched a monthly online series delving into Japanese pop culture from academic and professional perspectives!

For their second session, they will analyze two of the most iconic anime: Ghost in the Shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion, both of which have been producing new works since their release 25 years ago.

These works are two massive monuments in the anime canon, both emerging as cyberpunk epics in the mid-1990s, each addressing issues of identity and the potential for technological interventions. However, they both manage to do so in different ways and with differently composed subjects. This discussion will address both the interesting similarities, but more compellingly, the particular differences with which Oshii and Anno understood this cyberpunk discourse.

Two experts—Dr. Susan Napier and Dr. Stevie Suan—will help unravel these complex and fascinating anime works! Dr. Frenchy Lunning will moderate.

There will be a live Q&A session the discussion. If you have any questions about the two titles, please feel free to ask on the Eventbrite page when you register. Event organizers will enable live commentary on the YouTube stream, so you can participate in the live Q&A.

The event will is free, but registration is required to receive the event link. For more information and to register, please visit Japan Foundation, New York’s Eventbrite page.