Introducing Awamori from Okinawa to New Yorkers

Awamori Tasting at Bin Bin Sake

Taste Awamori: Japan’s Oldest Spirit

Thursday, December 1 from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.
Bin Bin Sake – 29 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn
Admission: $23.05
Head over to Bin Bin Sake in Greenpoint to taste and learn about Japan’s oldest spirit: Awamori. Indigenous to Okinawa and distilled with Indica Thai rice, Awamori is shochu’s older and bolder cousin.
Import company Honkaku Spirits will pour six rare and unique bottles sent from Okinawa exclusively for this event.
To register, please visit Bin Bin Sake’s Eventbrite page.

About Bin Bin Sake

Located next door to its restaurant, Rule of Thirds, this retail bottle shop specializes in sake, shochu, Japanese whisky, and even natural wine. They also have the Bin Bin Club, through which members receive two bottles of sake—or one bottle of sake and one bottle of wine—every month. For  more information, please visit Bin Bin Sake’s website.

About Honkaku Spirits

Honkaku Spirits is devoted to introducing intensely artisanal Japanese spirits to discerning American customers. They focus on koji-based spirits including Honkaku (authentic) Shochu, Ryukyu Awamori from Okinawa, and koji whisky. Visit their website to learn more.