Chie Shimizu: ROJI to Exhibit at NowHere

Chie Shimizu: ROJI

Friday, April 22 through Sunday May 29
Opening Reception: Friday, April 22 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

NowHere – 40 Wooster Street (between Grand and Broome Streets)

Admission: Free

The Japanese tea ceremony is an essential element of the nation’s culture, dating back to the 9th century. Through the ritualistic serving of powdered green tea, one undergoes a transformative and unforgettable experience of refinement and history. The tea ceremony is also deeply linked to Zen, specifically to the tea master Sen no Rikyū. One of his innovations was the garden, or roji. It surrounds and leads to the room in which the ceremony occurs.

Chie Shimizu

About the Exhibition

The Japanese-born, New York-based artist Chie Shimizu has taken her inspiration for this exhibition from the roji, with which it shares its name. Finding a place with such calmness might be difficult in a city as energetic as New York, but Shimizu sees the journey as more important than the destination.

“Seeking the Zen garden in New York City, a melting pot of races and cultures, is a compelling challenge,” she says. “This is my first solo show here, and I aspire to reach people’s inner-most souls by presenting my works of the past 20 years, which embody the thoughts and lives of numerous people that touched and inspired me throughout my life. I do so in a space that resembles a roji, where those stories can be amplified.”

About NowHere

NowHere is a hub for emerging Japanese artists. The SoHo gallery focuses on creatives who come from Japan to New York City, whether for a visit or to stay. They feature work from a broad spectrum of media, from digital to fashion, culinary arts to photography, and everything in between. NowHere is dedicated to building community and expanding their artists’ networks. For more information, please visit NowHere’s website.