Contestants Announced for Round 2 of New York Street Ramen Contest

Six contestants will ply their trade at Round 2 of the New York Street Ramen Contest on Sunday, July 29.

  1. Batten Ramen: Seafood-based shio (salt) butter ramen
  2. Tonyu Ramen:  Soymilk tantan men using Kikkoman Pearl Soymilk
    Tantan men is ramen in a spicy chili and sesame soup.
  3. Hakkoan: Shio kouji abura soba by macrobiotic chef Natsuko Yamawaki
    Kouji is a fermented culture used in making sake, shochu, and miso.
    Abura soba is a style of ramen that has no soup but is served with a small amount of oily soy-based sauce.
  4. Ramen Ebisu: Abura noodle with lobster oil
  5. Ashikawa Ramen: Traditional shoyu (soy sauce) ramen from Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture
  6. Tabata Ramen: Cold tantan men or maze soba
    Like abura soba, maze soba is a style of ramen that doesn’t use soup. Maze soba is popular in Japan right now.

The New York Street Ramen Contest is happening in conjunction with Japan Block Fair. Sunday’s event takes place on Broadway between 43rd and 44th Streets in Astoria, Queens. Check out the official Facebook page for updates.

Head over to Astoria to sample the different styles and vote for the ramen you feel is the quintessential NEW YORK-style ramen! Japanese beer maker Kirin is supplying KIRIN FREE, the world’s first 0.00% non-alcoholic beverage that has the taste of beer but without any affects of alcohol. While you sample the ramen, you can enjoy the refreshing beer-taste beverage of KIRIN FREE. Travel agency Amnet is sponsoring the voting booth.

JapanCulture•NYC, media sponsor of Japan Block Fair, will be there all day! I’ll be introducing the contestants and describing the types of ramen they are offering in the contest. Hope to see you there!

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