Drown Your Senses in "Floating Point Waves"

Butoh meets electronic music and organic elements in Floating Point Waves, a visually and aurally stunning, multi-sensory experience from LEIMAY: Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya. Four years in the making, Floating Point Waves had its world premiere April 6 at HERE, an OBIE award-winning art space that supports and nurtures multidisciplinary performance projects.

Garnica and Moriya, together with sound composer Jeremy D. Slater and lighting designer Solomon Weisbard, create a landscape where technology enhances nature and, as LEIMAY describes, “beauty co-exists with darkness.” The darkness of the set is punctuated by the play between occasional pulses of bright light and color, creating dramatic shadows. HERE’s intimate setting brings the audience close to the production, immersing them in a stirring hour-long performance.

Built around Garnica’s solo Butoh dance, Floating Point Waves highlights the human body’s behavior when in contact with the show’s stark light and darkness, kinetic sculptures, and water. Moriya’s video installation displays light, Garnica’s shadows, and Slater’s visual sound wave vibrations.

Floating Point Waves, HERE, CAVE, LIEMAY, Shige Moriya, Ximena Garnica, NYC
Ximena Garnica. Photo ©Piotr Redlinski

Garnica is fearless as she literally throws herself into her dance performance, immersing herself in a shallow pool of water that is the primary feature on stage. The wildness of the Colombia native’s long, dark hair enhances her frantic energy and the ebb and flow of her movements. She lulls the audience into a trance with her slow, deliberate gestures, only to shock everyone when she suddenly hurls herself into the water, landing on her back.

Moriya, a Japanese video and installation artist, studied architecture at Kinki University in Osaka before joining the Cast Iron Gallery in SoHo as an assistant curator in 1993. In 1996 he founded CAVE, an art space that develops experimental and interdisciplinary art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Together the two artists collaborate under the umbrella project LEIMAY and produce festivals such as the New York Butoh Festival and the SOAK Festival.

Floating Point Waves, HERE, CAVE, LIEMAY, Shige Moriya, Ximena Garnica, NYC
Ximena Garnica. ©Piotr Redlinski

Floating Point Waves is the culmination of Garnica and Moriya’s continued efforts to explore the connections between sight, sound, choreography, and dramatic elements. Their final product is a barrage of these connections that amplify the senses and will leave you breathless.

Five performances of Floating Point Waves remain, from Tuesday, April 10 through Saturday, April 14. Tickets to Floating Point Waves can be purchased at www.here.org or by calling 212.352.3101 or at the HERE Box Office. For more information, please visit www.here.org.