Errands in Akihabara

In his book Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded the U.S.Roland Kelts calls Akihabara “anime’s nerve center in Tokyo.” In recent years I’ve seen young women dressed as maids handing out flyers advertising their maid cafes as well as a few cosplayers dotting the landscape. I still consider the neighborhood as Tokyo’s “Electric Town,” a place where you can find any gadget and the smallest part for any gadget.

Yodobashi Akiba

Needing a replacement battery for my Japanese cell phone, I ventured to the Yodobashi Akiba, a behemoth of a department store with eight floors that are dedicated to electronics. The polite young man in the Softbank section searched for the battery, but could not find one. Sigh.

But the day wasn’t a complete failure. I bought this cute little card reader (I forgot mine at home) so that I can transfer pictures from my camera to my laptop.

Cute card reader

I also braved a nearby restaurant. All discussions and transactions were made in Japanese, so even though I don’t have a working Japanese cell phone, I rate the day a success!

Today’s adventure: A trip to Katsushika-ku, a place I’ve never been. Thanks to my friend Toru Furukawa of New York’s FUJI Catering, I’m going to visit his brother’s bento company!

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  1. Liked this Piece! Thanks !

    Would you consider covering San Francisco, too ? That’s where I live.

    You should place a one-time spot add in DWELL magazine to let everyone
    know about japanculture-nyc. DWELL is an important design mag and the staff
    loves all things Japanese (which they state over and over). Love them! Would
    like to see the two of you get together.

    Best Wishes.

    J Williams