Explore Okinawa Karate Styles at Japan Society



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Okinawa, the Birthplace of Karate

Saturday, November 7 at 6:30 p.m.

Japan Society – 333 E. 47th Street (between First and Second Avenues)

Tickets: $13/$10 Japan Society members, seniors, and students

Explore the philosophical principles of karate through the true Okinawan masters. Originating in Okinawa, karate has become an international sport for both the spirit and the body. To native Okinawans, karate is known to involve spirit and discipline, creating a well-rounded human being together with the martial art. Master Choko Kyuna, Chairman of The Society for the Advancement of Traditional Okinawa Karate, leads this lecture program, which includes a live demonstration by masters of four distinguished Okinawa karate styles.

The reception that follows will feature a tasting menu prepared by Chef Abe Hiroki of EN Japanese Brasserie. The menu includes Okinawa soba, a comfort food made with thick Okinawan noodles in a chicken and bonito soup, and juicy onigiri, flavorful rice balls cooked with vegetables and pork.

This talk is part of Okinawan Vibes, a three-month-long series that introduces the unique culture of Okinawa, Japan’s southern islands, and highlights its sounds, flavors, colors and history.

To purchase tickets, please visit Japan Society’s website.