Authentic flavors of Japanese Ramen in Brookyln

Shigeto Kamada’s Newest Ramen Restaurant in Brookyln, NY

Ramen Andante is the newest ramen restaurant opened by Shigeto Kamada (owner of Minca Ramen in Manhattan). Ramen Andante is located on Grand St in Williamsburg between Berry St. and Bedford Ave.
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Authentic Japanese Taste
Kamada is known for recreating the delicious, authentic flavors of Japanese Ramen. When Kamada was researching how to make the perfect ramen, he travelled throughout Japan taste testing the popular ramen from various regions. Kamada’s ramen is flavorful and reflects his journey towards authentic tasting ramen.

Similar to his other restaurant Minca Ramen, they serve a variety of ramen bowls such as the Hokkaido, Tokyo, Hakata, and Kumamoto ramen. Each of these signature ramen bowls express the regional features and tastes that they are named after.

Delicious Ramen Everyone should Try

Kamada’s signature ramen is the Kumamoto Style Ramen which is a delicious pork broth which is enhanced with a strong garlic oil. Andante is proud of their garlic oil which they made from scratch using vegetable oil, olive oil, lard, and garlic.

If you are a spicy ramen lover then look no further, the Spicy Sio ramen is rich in flavor and authenticity. The broth is a pork bone broth which is enhanced with red hot chili. It is delicious and strong, while not being too overwhelming, making it easy and enjoyable to eat.

If you like your ramen to be lighter, then you should give the Tokyo Ramen a taste. The Tokyo Ramen is an old-fashioned tokyo style chicken ramen, which is light yet flavorful in its choice of soy flavored chicken broth.

Popular Ramen at Andante:

Be sure to try out their delicious variety of Appetizers as well

Ramen Andante offers various appetizer dishes such as delicious Pork/Shrimp Gyoza, soft authentic Tofu, Edamame, Radish Salad, and more.

Check out their menu!
Andante has a variety of Ramens and appetizers to choose from.

Shop Basic Information

Name: Ramen Andante
Address: 130 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11249
(Between Berry St. & Grand St.)
Direction: Subway L Train, Bedford Station
Tel: 929-397-0010
Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm to 10:45pm
Instagram: @ramen_andante