Film Screening and Panel Discussion: The Role of Media in Covering Fukushima



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Fukushima 101 – Reports in 2016

Monday, February 22 at 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

CRS – 123 4th Avenue (between 12th and 13th Streets)

Suggested admission: $10 for each event

This March will mark the 5th anniversary of the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant in the Tohoku region of Japan. On Monday, February 22 Mar Creation, Inc. and Center for Remembering & Sharing will co-host film screening and talk/discussion events focusing on the role of media, how media portray Fukushima, and what has been reported since the accident.

More than 46,000 evacuees are still forced to live outside Fukushima. The Fukushima Future Center for Regional Revitalization (FURE) of Fukushima University was established immediately after the accident to support the evacuees and to revitalize Fukushima. Three members of FURE, scholars, students, and a radio personality will be in New York to discuss Fukushima’s current situation.

New York-based journalist Keiko Tsuyama will facilitate the panel.

1:00 p.m.: Screening a documentary feature “1/10 Listening to Fukushima 2013”
One of the Fukushima delegates visiting New York, Radio Fukushima announcer Arata Oowada, appeared in the documentary film “1/10 Listening to Fukushima 2013” directed by Yo Kohatsu. He documented the up-and-coming actress Miyuki Sato, who appeared NHK’s “Hanako and Anne” and “Yae no Sakura” as she returned to her hometown near the nuclear plants. The film is the first in a ten-part series of features that depicts the tedious cleanup and stories of those caught in the aftermath. The film is in Japanese with English subtitles.

7:15 p.m.: The Role of Media: How Media portray Fukushima and reported the Nuclear Accident, and Future of the Media
Information is essential for survival at a time of crisis. The wake of Arab Spring was the beginning of Social Media playing a central role in reporting; for Japan, it was the Great East Japan Earthquake. Simultaneously, the radio was the key source of news at evacuation centers when the Internet infrastructure failed. The talk/discussion will focus on media and their influence; how people engaged with media in the midst of the emergency, and the media impact on residents of Fukushima including “Damaged by Rumors.” The event will be held in Japanese with English translation.

Participants and discussion topics:

  • Arata Oowada, Radio Fukushima announcer – How Media reported on the nuclear accident
  • Hiroshi Kainuma, Associate Professor of Fukushima University & FURE – The Media and Fukushima
  • Naoya Sekiya, Associate Professor of Tokyo University – How Media reported on the nuclear accident and their influence on “Damage by Rumor”
  • Students of Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto – Approach to eat and support Fukushima at cafeterias
  • Yuri Oota, Translator

*This event will be presented in Japanese on Wednesday, February 24 at 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.*