Final JAPAN Fes of 2022


Sunday, October 23 from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Upper West Side – Broadway between 101st and 103rd Streets

Admission: Free

The final JAPAN Fes of the year will be this Sunday, October 23. Wagyu is the theme of the event, with vendors Wagyuman and P & Z FINE FOODS serving up delicious, tender, juicy, and gorgeous Wagyu dishes. Experience the luxury of Japanese A5 Wagyu beef in bowls, skewers, rice balls, and burgers.

The event is also a special chance to try soba pudding from Fukui, Japan. The creamy custard pudding made from roasted buckwheat is available only on Sunday.


Returning to JAPAN Fes, JAPAN STORE on will have another pop-up. A joint initiative by Amazon and JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), the JAPAN STORE offers high-quality Japanese items from eight categories that promote Japanese products. Attendees can see, touch, and taste JAPAN STORE’s items.

Products are available for purchase on via QR codes on display. For more information, please visit JAPAN STORE on

Wagyu yakiniku and skewers bu P & Z FINE FOODS, Wagyu burger by Wagyuman

Food Vendors

Bang Cookies – Luxe, all-natural, organic cookies

The Boiis Co. – Mochi-based desserts

Cake Jars – Desserts in jars

Catmint Wheel Cake – Imagawayaki (Taiwanese dessert influenced by Japan)

C Bao Asian Buns – Pork buns

C Bao Dumpling – Pork and chicken dumplings

Chop Chop Tea – Tea with fresh fruit chopped by a ninja

Cozy Tea Loft – Creamy tea with Hokkaido milk

Karls Balls – Takoyaki

Kare Girls – Japanese soul food curry rice


Kurosoba pudding

Kurasoba – Soba pudding

Mao’s Bao – Fluffy and juicy dumplings

Memphis Soul – Asian and American soul food

Menya Jiro – Ramen

Miyomacchi – Yakisoba

Oconomi – Okonomiyaki

Oh Dango – Dango (mochi balls on a skewer)

Oh K-Dog – Korean hot dogs

P & Z FINE FOODS, LLC – Wagyu dishes

Patok by Rach – Filipino food

Pinklady Cheesetart – Cheese tarts

Qsina8 – Yakisoba, teriyaki (chicken and pork)

Rosie’s Empanadas – Empanadas

Sam’s Fried Ice Cream – Combination of Japanese tempura and ice cream

So Sarap – Meat skewers and tempura

Spoonable Spirits – Pudding

Taiwanese Yummy – Boneless chicken thighs

Tiger Tai – Cold matcha boba tea

Tojo’s Kitchen – Karaage

Tonkatsu Me – Breaded, deep-fried pork or chicken cutlet with teriyaki sauce

Twisted Potato – Flavored potato on a stick

Wagyuman – Wagyu burgers

Yakitori Tatsu – Yakitori meat and vegetable skewers

wuhao ny tenugui at JAPAN Fes

Clothing and Goods

9Tail9 – Japanese- and anime-inspired clothing

Anime NYC – Ticket sales to New York City’s anime convention

Baby Cloud LLC – Japanese-themed baby clothing

Japanklyn – Clothing inspired by the cultures of Japan and Brooklyn

Jesus Embroidery Shop – Embroidered anime merch

Mingei Japan – Kimono and accessories

wuhao newyork Tenugui Art – Japanese tenugui and furoshiki

For more information and a full list of vendors, please visit the JAPAN Fes website and Facebook event page.