Final Winners of the 2nd Annual Japan Society/JC•NYC JAPAN CUTS Trivia Contest!

The 2nd Annual Japan Society/JapanCulture•NYC JAPAN CUTS Trivia Contest is closing out with the closing film of JAPAN CUTS.

Congratulations to Andrew Shiue and Mari Mori, who each won a pair of tickets to see The Floating Castle on Sunday, July 21 at 8:00 p.m.

They answered these two questions correctly:

Q. Mansai Nomura, the star of The Floating Castle, recently performed at Japan Society and the Guggenheim Museum. Who designed the set and the costumes for the Guggenheim performance?
A. Hiroshi Sugimoto

Q. The Floating Castle is based on a historic event. What is the name of the all-powerful warlord who was trying to unify Japan in 1590?
A. Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Andrew and Mari are very lucky because The Floating Castle is SOLD OUT!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the trivia contest and congratulations to all of the winners. We’ll be back for more next year!

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The Floating Castle © 2012 "Floating Castle Film" Partners