First Ever Fukushima Sake Week Launches in New York

To celebrate and introduce a wide variety of fine sake from Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture to New Yorkers, Fukushima Prefecture is partnering with ten acclaimed Japanese restaurants in New York City to launch the inaugural Fukushima Sake Week in December 2019. 

A digital Fukushima Sake Map also launches for this event to allow guests to learn about each sake and to explore the participating restaurants.

Throughout the year Union Square Wine and Spirits and Landmark Wine and Spirits have offered monthly events featuring tastings of Fukushima sake. This week you have a chance to pair the sake with delicious Japanese cuisine.

Each restaurant will be offering distinctive flights, with unique selections of three types of Fukushima sake. In total, there will be 23 varieties from 13 breweries available during Fukushima Sake Week, which runs from Monday, December 2 through Sunday, December 8. By visiting multiple participating restaurants, diners can discover and learn about the region’s award-winning, delicious, remarkably varied sake types.

The Most Gold Prizes

This May 22 sake brands from Fukushima Prefecture won the Gold Prize from the National Research Institute of Brewing at The Annual Japan Sake Awards. Fukushima became the first prefecture in Japanese history to achieve the most Gold Prizes for seven consecutive years.

The superb quality of Fukushima sake is due to its clean water, high-grade local rice, and the devotion of sake brewers. Since sake is made only from rice, water, and koji mold, the simple elements greatly influence each sake’s characteristics.

Fukushima Prefecture is one of Japan’s top rice growing regions including some varieties of sake rice (known as sakamai), which are used for sake brewing. Fukushima uses digital soil map data and goes through a thorough quality-control process to cultivate rice with the highest quality.

The region’s water is blessed to be moderately hard, derived from the Abukuma-do limestone cave as well as the subterranean rivers that flow from Mount Bandai. And although Fukushima’s landscape, climate, and natural resources allow the breweries to create outstanding sakes, intensive labor and utmost care by the brewers are essential to craft these sakes with expertise. They call this “Fukushima pride,” and the brewers are constantly striving for excellence.

To ensure these amazing skillsets and mindsets are passed on to the next generation, Fukushima Prefecture has its very own Sake Academy, where young brewers acquire the knowledge and techniques of sake brewing.


Fukushima Sake Breweries

  • Kokken Brewery
  • Okunomatsu Brewery
  • Suehiro Brewery
  • Daishichi Sake Brewery
  • Akebono Sake Brewery
  • Ninki INC
  • Ariga Brewery
  • Niida-Honke
  • Ohara Shuzo
  • Yumegokoro Sake Brewery
  • Nagurayama Sake Brewing
  • Homare Brewery
  • Sakaegawa Brewery
EN Japanese Brasserie

Participating Restaurants

Sakagura East Village

Fukushima Sake Week in New York runs from Monday, December 2 to Sunday, December 8. To make reservations and for information on pricing and offerings, please go to each restaurant’s website.

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