Get to Know Kanagawa at Japan Society

Get to Know Kanagawa: Hot Springs, Zen, and the Great Wave

Thursday, January 23 at 6:30 p.m.

Japan Society – 333 E. 47th Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues)

Admission: $21/$17 members, seniors, and students

Enriched in history, festivals, and breathtaking sights, Kanagawa is an ideal destination for any traveler. With so much to see and do, Kanagawa is not just a side trip from Tokyo, but a unique region waiting to be explored. History-rich Kamakura, which once served as the political center of medieval Japan, features the stunning Daibutsu, or Great Buddha, a towering bronzed icon that has stood since the 13th century. Travelers looking to de-stress can visit the resort town of Hakone, prized for its many hot springs and natural views.

Kanagawa experts Hitoshi Suzuki, Director, JETRO NY, Kanagawa Division; Nanako Sadasue, Director, Maker’s Shirt Kamakura Co., Ltd.; and Kenichi Noda, Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. will discuss all that Kanagawa has to offer. I am honored to serve as the moderator for this program.

A tasting reception featuring maguro donburi from Misaki port and sake from Kanagawa will follow the discussion.

All guests will receive a Bokksu set, an assortment of snacks from Kanagawa called “New Year in Kanagawa,” and a sensu (folding fan) from Kamakura Shirts.

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Learn Even More About Kanagawa!

Japan Society and the Kanagawa Prefectural Government will host two more fascinating events related to Kanagawa on Monday, January 27. Learn about leading a healthy lifestyle and the Japanese concept of me-byo as well as the rich history of Zen Buddhism in the city of Kamakura.

Japanese Self-Care: Me-byo

Monday, January 27 at 5:00 p.m.

Admission: $15/$12 members, seniors, and students

Self-care is so important to mental and physical wellness, no matter where you live. The Japanese concept of me-byo, or preventive care, embraces this philosophy through practices that offer the body restoration and support. Activities like meditating, soaking in hot springs, and eating nutritious foods fortify our bodies and may fend off ailments before they arise. It’s no surprise that places like Japan’s Kanagawa region have become hotspots for the growing trend of health tourism, as travelers seek out resources to improve their well-being.

At this talk, Wataru Kasahara from the International Tourism Division in Kanagawa; Dr. Rai Shimoyama from internationally accredited Shonan Kamakura General Hospital; and Dr. Hideki Katano, founder of Venex Co. recovery-ware, explain how to lead a healthy lifestyle through me-byo.

Kamakura Zen: A Samurai Legacy

Monday, January 27 at 6:30 p.m.

Admission: $15/$12 members, seniors, and students

Home to more than 60 Buddhist temples, as well as the towering Great Buddha statue, Kamakura is the heart of Zen in Japan. Practiced by samurai and statesmen in Japan’s feudal era, Zen Buddhism is still widely practiced today, and can focus the mind and calm the body.

At this program, Rev. Eon Asahina, head priest of Jochi-ji Temple of Engakuji, comes from Kamakura to share his wisdom. Pamela D. Winfield, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Elon University, will join him to illuminate the unique history and culture of Zen in Kamakura.

Buy a ticket to Get to Know Kanagawa: Hot Springs, Zen, and the Great Wave or Kamakura Zen: A Samurai Legacy and receive a $5 discount for Japanese Self-Care: Me-byo! To purchase tickets, please visit Japan Society’s website.

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