Go Face-to-Face with Motomichi Nakamura’s Monsters at NowHere

Motomichi Nakamura: MONSTERS AMONG US

Now through Sunday, April 18

NowHere – 40 Wooster Street (between Grand and Broome Streets)

Admission: Free

Motomichi Nakamura’s work brings us face-to-face with monsters, but not the kind that usually come to mind. In Motomichi’s projections and drawings, we find representations of multifaceted creatures who can be, at the same time, monstrous and endearing, confrontational and playful.

Motomichi intends for the characters he creates, who come alive so vividly through the technology of projection mapping, to be nuanced entities onto whom we, in turn, can project our own interiority. We can look into Motomichi’s work as if it’s a mirror and reflect upon who we are by examining how we perceive his monsters to be looking back at us.

Cryptozoology—the pursuit and lore surrounding mythical and mysterious creatures such as Bigfoot or the Mothman—is what first drew Motomichi into the world of monsters. “I like reading cryptozoology books,” he says. “What fascinates me most about cryptozoological stories is that witnesses often describe their encounters with the monsters with a mixture of fear and excitement. I like to imagine myself seeing these monsters through the witnesses’ eyes. I try to understand how they felt and sense the extraordinary yet also somehow intimate moment they had with the monsters.”

In the installation of his projected work, Motomichi affords us a version of the experience of coming across a cryptid. It’s up to the viewer to wonder why they’ve come here and what they might want from us. Our answers to these questions reveal the layers of meaning inside Motomichi’s monsters.

View the exhibition in person at NowHere. Hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. No reservation is required to enter. To learn more about Motomichi and the MONSTERS AMONG US exhibition, please visit NowHere’s website.