Hatis Noit + Lulla LayLa + Iyco & Kaka Furaha + Twisty BonBon



Hatis Noit, Lulla LayLa, Iyco & Kaka Furaha, Twisty BonBon, Black Bear, Brooklyn, NYC, Japan, Japanese  music, Mar Creation
Hatis Noit + Lulla LayLa + Iyco & Kaka Furaha, Twisty BonBon

Hatis Noit + Lulla LayLa + Iyco & Kaka Furaha + Twisty BonBon

Wednesday, April 13 at 8:00 p.m. (Doors open at 7:30 p.m.)

Black Bear – 70 N 6th Street, Brooklyn

Admission: $10 in advance/$12 at the door

Mar Creation, Inc. presents a special night of music at Black Bear in Brooklyn.

Originally from Shiretoko in Hokkaido, Tokyo-based Hatis Noit draws on her experience with ballet, theater arts, traditional folk music, koto, gagaku (ancient Japanese court music), and acting. She uniquely interprets classical music, whisper, ethnic music, and poetry reading within her singing, and she has established a solemn and formidable world music that consists of only her voice. Her collaborations in the art, fashion, and theatre scene have also been highly regarded.

Japanese singer/songwriter and composer Lulla LayLa’s music has Japanese traditional elements combined with a psychedelic folk sensibility. Her music delivers haunting piano ballads spanning the subjects of love and life and everything in between, leaving her audience with feelings of nostalgia.

IYCO’s ambition is to create music that evokes images of nature such as the sky, sea, wind, rain, and earth. Her aim is to incorporate African-style music in her compositions, creating her own unique brand of Japanese-African music.

Twisty BonBon is a brand new Japanese female duo from Brooklyn. A mesmerizing combination of BonBon’s strong vocal performance and Twisty’s fantastic tracks is reminiscent of Showa Kayo, Japanese popular songs from the 1960s through the ‘80s.

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