Help Make the Dolphin Dance Project's "Dolphin Dreams" Come True

There are only a couple of days remaining in the Indiegogo fundraising venture for Dolphin Dreams, the latest short film by the Dolphin Dance Project.


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Dolphin Dreams ©Howard Hall

Led by Chisa Hidaka and Ben Harley, the Dolphin Dance Project is a research, education, and conservation initiative dedicated to dolphin outreach and protection. The group is affiliated with the non-profit arts service organization Fractured Atlas. The Dolphin Dance Project puts highly trained, talented dancers with wild dolphins in their natural habitats to create collaborative, artistic dances in the vast ocean. The group’s first effort resulted in the multiple award-winning short film Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins, which was named Best Experimental Film at the 2010 Big Apple Film Festival and Best Short Film Animal Advocacy by Artivist Film Festival.

On the heels of Together is Dolphin Dreams, which once again brings humans and dolphins together to communicate and to build bonds of mutual respect. The Dolphin Dance Project is working on Dolphin Dreams in the hopes of making audiences reflect on how they view and treat nature.

But in order for their Dolphin Dreams to come true, the Dolphin Dance Project needs our support. Go to their Indiegogo page to learn more about the film and to make a donation.