Hurricane Sandy Extends "Hold These Truths"

Hold These Truths, internement camps, Japanese Americans, Executive Order 9066, WWII, World War II, Gordon Hirabayashi

When Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to Lower Manhattan, several events had to be postponed. Among them was Hold These Truths, a one-man play written by Jeanne Sakata that is showing at the Theater at the 14th Street Y. Hurricane Sandy forced the cancellation of shows during the first weekend of November, so play producers Epic Theatre Ensemble extended the show from its original end date of November 18 to November 25.

Now you have an extra week to see this wonderful show, which tells the courages story of Gordon Hirabayashi, a second generation Japanese American who was a student at the University of Washington during World War II. Hirabayashi was jailed for violating the curfew and internment orders imposed on West Coast residents of Japanese descent, turning himself into the FBI to protest that the orders were acts of racial discrimination.

Hold These Truths, Jeanne Sakata, NYC, Japanese Americans, WWII, World War II, internment, Off Broadway

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To purchase tickets, please visit or call 866-811-4111.