Japan Society to Host a Live Webinar on Next-Generation Prosthetics

Artificial Elegance: Japanese Prosthetics for World-Class Athletes

Tuesday, September 22 at 6:30 p.m.

Live Webinar

Admission: Free

Award-winning product designer Shunji Yamanaka joins Japan Society live from Tokyo to discuss his next-generation prosthetic creations, which have garnered the attention of world-class athletes.

Rather than imitating the human form, Yamanaka designs artificial limbs that are sleek and streamlined, optimized for both peak functionality and aesthetic appeal. An award-winning product designer, Yamanaka has designed products ranging from Issey Miyake wristwatches to Japan’s SUICA/PASMO train-pass system.

At this live webinar, Yamanaka, founder and president of Leading Edge Design and professor at the University of Tokyo, will reveal the cutting-edge technology behind his innovative prosthetics. As someone with a talent for design engineering, he’ll discuss how good design can transform the potential of the human body.

Registration is required, and you can do so through Japan Society’s website. Japan Society will live-stream the program through YouTube, and registrants will receive the viewing link by email on the event day. Participants can submit questions through YouTube during the live stream.