Japan Week 2015 – Discover Japan at Grand Central Terminal


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Japan Week 2015

Wednesday, February 18 through Friday, February 20

Grand Central Terminal – Vanderbilt Hall

Admission: Free

The fourth Japan Week begins Wednesday, spotlighting the diverse destinations, cuisine, and culture within Japan.

Last year was a record year for tourism in Japan, with more than 13 million people traveling to the country from around the world.
Organized by the Japan Tourism Agency and Japan National Tourism Organization, Japan Week is a promotional event encouraging travel to Japan, offering access to tourism experts, free literature, showcases of Japanese art, food, and fashion, discounted travel packages, and even free trips to Japan to lucky attendees.

Here’s a glance at just a few of the highlights from this year’s Japan Week:

  • HOKURIKU SHINKANSEN – Beginning for the first time this Spring, a new bullet train will connect Tokyo and the Hokuriku region in 2 – 2 1⁄2 hours. Famous for its authentic Japanese traditions, picturesque mountains, skiing, seafood, crafts, and resorts, Japan’s Hokuriku region is a remote paradise that’s never been easier to access.
  • DEPACHIKA FOOD EMPORIUM – Feast on sweets from nine regions across Japan and sample additional authentic Japanese eats including ramen noodles, mazemen noodles, miso soup, green tea, tofu, and takoyaki octopus balls.
  • CASTLES AND HOT SPRINGS – Japan’s castles were once the homes of royalty and now destinations that will make you feel like a king. Onsen are traditional hot springs said to have restorative powers. Learn about both and how to take a trip back in time.
  • LUXURY WEDDING KIMONO – Japanese kimono are works of art and wedding kimono are some of the most beautiful and ornate. This year, three different New York couples will present the first-ever wedding kimono fitting live in Grand Central.
  • TICKET GIVEAWAYS AND SPECIALS – Japan Week offers New Yorkers multiple chances to win free tickets to Japan from Delta Air Lines, and all attendees can take home specials from Japanese travel companies and free guides to a wide range of Japanese destinations.
  • DORAEMON AND DOMO – The famous Japanese characters will make special appearances and pose for photos with fans.

Throughout the three days of the event, there will be a tea ceremony conducted by tea master Souheki Mori, musical performances by koto instructor/player Masayo Ishigure, Kaga Shishi Lion dances by Takafuji Dance Company, and a men’s fashion show by Kamakura Shirts. Enjoy sipping sake at the Sake Bar curated by the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association. Tickets are $35 per person for five sake tastings and a snack, and you can pre-order them at Eventbrite.

Event exhibitors include Delta Air Lines, Seiko, NHK World, JR-EAST, Amnet, Beard Papa, HIS, House Foods, IACE, ITO EN, the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association, Kamakura Shirts, Marukome, Minamoto Kitchoan, Mitsuwa Marketplace, Sharp, Sun Noodle, VIZ Media, Watabe Wedding, and more.

More information on Japan Week’s events, exhibitors, giveaways, and to see a full schedule, please visit Japan Week’s website.