JapanCulture•NYC Is Thankful For . . .

Since it’s Thanksgiving Day, we at JapanCulture•NYC would like to share a few things for which we are thankful.

5. Japanese Food in New York City
We’re lucky to live in New York City, a place that has an abundant number of restaurants dedicated to every cuisine found on the planet. Japanese restaurants, of course, are no exception. We are thankful for all of the izakayas, ramen shops, sushi restaurants, and more from small to large, modest to upscale.

4. Japanese Culture
JapanCulture•NYC exists because there are so many events related to Japanese culture. We are thankful for art exhibitions, concerts, plays, panel discussions, and fundraisers that continue to teach us about Japan every day.

3. Organizations
The art exhibitions, concerts, plays, panel discussions, and fundraisers wouldn’t happen were it not for the organizations behind them. We are thankful for the established non-profits such as Japan Society and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and smaller groups such as Japan Week and Japan Block Fair for organizing the events we love to cover.

2. Vibrant Japanese Community
Having grown up in North Carolina, it’s easy to appreciate a sense of Japanese community. We may not have New York’s largest Asian population, and we may not have a centralized “Japan Town” or “Little Tokyo” like San Francisco and LA, but we’re active, strong, and committed to promoting Japanese culture. We are thankful to all of the members of the vibrant and diverse Japanese community in New York.

1. Supportive Readers
We are grateful that people who are interested in Japanese culture take the time to read the stories we post on JapanCulture•NYC. Because of your support, we’ve grown a great deal in our two-and-a-half years on the Internet. We are thankful for you, our readers!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!