JapanCulture•NYC Izakaya Christmas 2012

This week JapanCulture•NYC held its annual Christmas party, and this year we chose an izakaya theme to celebrate the season. It was such a pleasure to share great food and drink with our friends, many of whom are active in the Japanese and Japanese American community here in New York.

Our Saturday•Izakaya feature fell on Thursday, as we prepared and served a few dishes that are found on izakaya menus in Japan, Okinawa, and New York. We also had creative and delicious platters provided by Seven Bites Foods, a Brooklyn-based catering company run by two chefs originally from Osaka. Our friend Kiyoe, an architect and food aficionado, rolled up her sleeves and grilled okra, aspera bacon, and kurobuta sausage with tomatoes for everyone to enjoy.

As you can see from our Flickr album below, it was a festive evening!

Happy Holidays to all, and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

treetree with kitchenthe spreadtakoaisuTodo and Junkotable with tree
smokies and matoes cookingslicing smokiesskewers ready for grillingshochu clubrenkonrafute
office doorliving roomli'l smokies and matoesKiyoe serveskfcjcnyc lantern
grillgoya champurudrink accumulationdate masamunecrowdcroquettes

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