Japanese Artist’s “Windows” on Display at Court Tree Collective

Masao Gozu: Windows to New York

On view through Sunday, August 1

Court Tree Collective – 51 35th Street, Industry City, Brooklyn (BLD #5, 2nd Floor, Suite B236)

Admission: Free

In its current exhibition, Court Tree Collective presents the photography and sculpture of Japanese artist Masao Gozu. Windows to New York gives us a glimpse into New York according to Gozu, who moved to New York to attend the Brooklyn Art Museum and stayed after he graduated in 1973.

Walking around his new home, Gozu familiarized himself with the city’s landscape through the lens of his camera. The bulk of Gozu’s photographic portfolio are images focused on windows. Whether a series documenting the subtle changes of Harry’s Bar window over the years, or a portrait of eager parade-watchers leaning out, the window is an undeniable motif of Gozu’s art. Gozu captures the intimate moments of strangers, perfectly framed by windows as unique as the subjects themselves.

The first and last installments of the Harry’s Bar series. ©Masao Gozu, courtesy of Court Tree Collective


Williamsburg, Brooklyn December 10, 1977 ©Masao Gozu, courtesy of Court Tree Collective

Reconstructing Windows

Not only has Gozu documented city life over time, since 1984 he has been reconstructing the windows of historic buildings. The sculptures are architectural facades, careful recreations that offer tangible versions of settings he has photographed and experienced while living in New York. Slightly smaller than the actual structures they were modeled after, the windows and building facades are painstakingly pieced together from material taken from the original structures.

©Masao Gozu courtesy of Court Tree Collective

An Archive of Gozu’s Observations

Gozu has witnessed the transformation of New York City, and his photographs and sculptures archive his observations of NY moments, an ethnographic and documentarian oeuvre that upholds the Japanese artist’s appreciation for his American experience.

Masao Gozu: Windows to New York is a rare chance to witness Gozu’s photography alongside his carefully constructed sculptures, an ode to the city that he has grown to love and call home.

About Court Tree Collective

A group of artists and creatives established Court Tree Collective in 2013 to support the work of emerging and established contemporary artists. In addition to Masao Gozu, Court Tree represents three other Japanese artists: Tetsuya Kusu, Kishi Ui, and Yoko Watanabe “TETOTUTITO.”

Located in Industry City in Brooklyn, the gallery hours are Saturday from noon until 6:00 p.m., Sunday from noon until 5:00 p.m., and by appointment. To contact the gallery, send an email to info@courttree.com or call 718-422-7806.

For more information, please visit Court Tree Collective’s website.