Japanese Dessert Shop Reopens in New Home at Industry City

You may recall Tadaima dessert shop from our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.  After a two-month hiatus they have now reopened in their gorgeous new space, just down the hall in Industry City’s The Makers Guild.  The new shop’s facade looks like it was transported from Japan with signage in the form of a traditional Japanese andon lantern and intricate woodwork framing the windows.

Owner Ayaka Ando’s rotating seasonal menu of baked goods, sweets, and intricately crafted beverages has returned. Current offerings are sable cookies in matcha and black sesame; cakes such as a plant-based spiced carrot or yuzu lemon pound cake, both adorned with beautiful edible flowers; and black sesame, maple, and matcha madeleines.

As for beverages, the black sesame latte is back, as well as a matcha latte made with matcha from Nagasaki. Most beverages are served either hot or iced, and with both being equally delicious, it’s hard to choose! There is a new line of Tadaima tea which you can make at home, as well as a few flavors of homemade granola.

Some new menu items were added such as the umami grilled cheese, which looks amazing. With this new space, all baking is now done on the premises. The big window behind the counter allows you to see Ando working her magic, baking the tasty treats she has to offer.


Dessert Shop

Open Thursday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

51 35th Street, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11232
Building 5, 2nd floor of Industry City

Ayaka Ando, owner of Tadaima