Japanese Samurai Tea Ceremony Organic Matcha and Gluten-Free Soba-Sushi

Japanese Samurai Tea Ceremony Organic Matcha and Gluten-Free Soba-Sushi

Sunday, July 24
Morning session from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.
Afternoon session from 1:30 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Globus Washitsu – 889 Broadway at E. 19th Street

Admission: $100

Enjoy a healthy tea ceremony combining organic matcha tea and gluten-free soba-sushi!

Matcha tea is a drink rich in nutrients that support good health, as evidenced by the fact that it was consumed as medicine in ancient times. In recent years, the production of organically grown matcha has been increasing, especially in Kagoshima Prefecture in southern Japan, and its worldwide popularity is on the rise.

At this tea ceremony, everyone will enjoy organic matcha “HINOMOTO” grown at Bio Farm in Minami-Kyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Soba-sushi by TabiKase


Tabikase NY 〜旅する・おまかせ〜, which has been providing at-home private dining since 2020, will be serving “Soba-Sushi.” Soba-Sushi is a healthy, gluten-free sushi made with soba noodles instead of rice. The soba noodles are handmade by world-renowned soba chef Shuichi Kotani.

This is a unique combination of health-conscious soba-sushi with the refreshing taste of organically grown matcha.

Yoshitsugu Nagano performs a tea ceremony

About the Tea Master

Yoshitsugu Nagano is the youngest person to be certified in the highest rank of the Ueda Soukata school of samurai tea ceremony, which has been practiced in Hiroshima for four hundred years. He serves as a professor at the school.

In 2019, Nagano relocated to New York City, where he energetically promotes the spirituality and aesthetics of the Japanese tea ritual, rooted in Zen, through tea rituals and classes. He has also been working on and establishing new styles of modern tea ceremony that incorporate new expressions to create new ways of engaging with the traditional ritual.

About the Japanese Tea Ritual

The ritual of Japanese tea has an eight-hundred-year history. Samurai warriors developed the tea ceremony as their essential practice to relax and preserve their mental health after battles. In addition to performing a tea ceremony, Nagano will also discuss Japanese history, culture, and most important, the relationship between samurai warriors and tea ceremony.

Globus Washitsu, the setting for the event, is a tatami-mat oasis with traditional Japanese architecture. Says Nagano, “You won’t find better place than this place to experience Japanese culture.”

To register, please visit Nagano’s Eventbrite page and select the session you would like to attend.

Globus Washitsu tea ceremony room

Dress Code

Western-style clothes are acceptable, but please do not wear sleeveless shirts or short miniskirts. Bring a clean pair of white socks. Organizers will ask you to remove jewelry and watches.

COVID Protocols

You must show proof of vaccination at the door. Organizers will take your temperature and sanitize your hands upon entry, but wearing a mask is optional.

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