Japanese Scientist Featured in Film Competition

A film about a Japanese robotic scientist at Osaka University is a semifinalist in the FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition.

A.I. – Artificial Incarnation, a three-minute film by director Eunice Lau, introduces us to Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, who is changing what it means to have a physical body through the use of technology. By building robots, we can, in a sense, reincarnate ourselves. Dr. Ishiguro’s android is built in his own likeness to almost creepy detail – right down to the same necklace.


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"A.I. - Artificial Incarnation" by Eunice Lau

Lau’s film is one of 30 shorts that spotlight people who are changing the world through inventions of science, technology, and engineering. They are competing for cash prizes, including a $100,000 Grand Prize.

To see A.I. – Artificial Incarnation and to place your vote, click here. Voting ends Wednesday, November 28, and then the finalists will be named.