JCNYC Business Editor Contributes to Virtual Meetings Article

Yvonne Burton Business Editor

The past few months since the series Working from Home During COVID-19 ended have been busy for me. Now that the world has adapted to this new normal, individuals and companies are seeking ways to normalize their home lives and work lives using virtual tools.

On the individual level, remote tools such as Zoom allow us to connect with family and friends, take new and interesting online courses, take up new hobbies, and even get our workouts in with virtual training.

On the business side, companies are making full use of applications such as MS Teams to transform working remotely. Delivering Burton Consulting International’s new training program, MS Teams Best Practices, to several clients over the past months, I am seeing companies realize and accept that remote work can be just as collaborative and productive as being physically in the same office if they utilize the right tools and employ a little creativity when using them.

From percipiocompany.com

My associate, Matthew Cahill of The Percipio Company, does “Inclusive Leadership in a Virtual World” workshops. He wrote an article in March at the start of the pandemic titled Definitive Guide to Hosting Kickass Virtual Meetings.” In it, he talks about how to use remote tools such as Zoom for maximum effect and benefit. He updates the article periodically as new features are added, and he asked me to contribute a section on MS Teams (which I was delighted to do) to show how companies can use Teams to keep their remote workers connected, coordinated, and productive.

Learning how to incorporate these (and others) tools into your personal and/or professional lives is the best way to create and maintain healthy and productive practices to see yourself through the pandemic.

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