Kento Iwasaki's Portable Opera at Flushing Town Hall



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Beloved Prey and Moon Princess Song Cycle

Sunday, January 18 at 2:00 p.m.

Flushing Town Hall, First Floor Gallery Space – 137-35 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, Queens

Admission: Free

A lioness adopts a baby antelope; a mother antelope seeks to rescue her child. Beloved Prey is a “portable opera” in English with Japanese koto based on real stories about lionesses adopting prey animals after losing their own children, as chronicled by the documentary “Heart of the Lioness.”

The project is the work of composer Kento Iwasaki, who has developed the portable opera through his Exploring the Metropolis Composers’ Residency at Flushing Town Hall. He makes his directorial debut and performs on koto as well.

Beloved Prey features Sishel Claverie (lioness), Joy Tamayo (calf), Hirona Amamiya (doe and violin), and Maiko Hosoda (percussion). The set is by Alexis Kandra with costumes and libretto by Cris Ryan.

Also featured in the concert is Iwasaki and Ryan’s “Moon Princess Song Cycle,” performed by soprano-piano duo Sara Heaton and Akiko Sasaki. The song cycle is inspired by the Japanese folk tale “Kaguya Hime,” about a moon princess reborn in a bamboo forest who is fated to be taken from her adoptive parents by the people of the moon.

For more information please visit Flushing Town Hall’s website.