Laura Kriska Will Teach You Perfect Japanese

Perfect Japanese in 10 Minutes

Thursday, July 22 at Noon

Online Webinar

Admission: Free

Just in time for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics! Author and cross-cultural consultant Laura Kriska is offering a free webinar to teach you how to speak perfect Japanese in ten minutes.

During This Free Training You’ll Learn:

—The five sounds you must master for perfect pronunciation
—The biggest misconception about Japanese language
—Kriska’s #1 tip for never offending a Japanese person



About Laura Kriska

Born in Tokyo to American missionaries, Kriska has always had a high level of interest in and respect for Japan and Japanese culture. She earned her BA in Japanese Studies from Denison University, spending her junior year at prestigious Waseda University in Tokyo. Shortly after graduating, she became the first American woman to work for Honda Motor Company’s Tokyo headquarters.

Kriska chronicled her successes—and failures—at Honda in her first book, The Accidental Office Lady. Harnessing all that she learned from that experience, Kriska created a thirty-year career specializing in communication and teamwork with culturally diverse organizations. She trains professionals around the globe how to solve cultural differences and issues to build stronger relationships and to work more effectively together.

Her “WE-Building” framework is the subject of her latest book, The Business of WE. Kriska can teach global businesses how to close the “US and THEM” gaps in the workplace, and she can teach you Japanese, too.

JC•NYC Business Editor Yvonne Burton and I interviewed Laura Kriska and will post the article and a video soon. Stay tuned!

To register for Laura Kriska’s Perfect Japanese in 10 Minutes webinar, please visit her website.