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Manga University of New York

Friday, October 13 from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

RESOBOX East Village – 91 E. 3rd Street (between First and Second Avenues)

Admission: $10/$8 students

The Manga University of New York (MUNY) offers a series of lectures on manga/comics by professionals, including artists, scholars, educators, publishers, translators, critics, and others who are engaged with manga from multiple perspectives. Evolving from and working in conjunction with MaRRN (Manga Research and Reading Network), the goal of MUNY is to deepen the knowledge of the medium, industry, education, and culture surrounding manga in North American or other contexts in dialogue with guest experts.

On Friday, October 13 Dr. Hiromi Tsuchiya Dollase, Associate Professor and Chair of Chinese and Japanese at Vassar Collage, will discuss “Mother Horror in Japanese Shōjo manga.”

Since its emergence in the 1950s, shōjo manga has functioned as a medium to mirror the psyches of girl readers.  With fantasy as a weapon, young manga artists have explored new expressions of love, power, and femininity, while shōjo horror manga have represented the dark regions of young girls’ hidden emotions and subconscious fears. A frequently occurring motif is that of mothers, who are often portrayed in metamorphosis, transforming into grotesque creatures, animals, and demons, threatening their daughters with their abominable presence.

The presentation will discuss how, through horrifying representations of mothers, manga artists express girls’ fears toward their mothers as well as the idea of becoming mothers themselves. The group will examine manga works by artists such as Umezu Kazuo, Yamagishi Ryōko, and Hagio Moto.

For more information and to register of the event, please visit RESOBOX’s website.