Megumi Yamaura’s Solo Exhibition at Sato Sakura Gallery

Portraits of Time | Megumi Yamaura Solo Exhibition

Now through Saturday, December 11
Artist in-Gallery: Saturday, September 11 from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Sato Sakura Gallery – 501 W. 20th Street (between 10th and 11th Streets)

Admission: Free

Portraits of Time, a solo exhibition of Japanese Nihonga painter Megumi Yamaura, opened exclusively at Sato Sakura Gallery on Thursday, September 9. This collection of works highlights the artist’s pursuit of pioneering new methods of expression built upon foundations of traditional Japanese Nihonga aesthetics.

Megumi Yamaura, From the Books on My Table – “Triangles -01-2021”

About the Exhibition

Crafted especially for this exhibition at Sato Sakura Gallery New York, the series featured in Portraits of Time include a collection of works entitled From the Books on My Table. Yamaura pulled select keywords and motifs from books, magazines, and other materials in an arranged, collage-like manner. In doing so, she created a series of figurative works that use a build-up of layers of color to express time accumulated by people. Another series included in the exhibition is Traces of Time, a group of botanical works that explores “the shedding of time.”

The artist will be in the gallery on Saturday, September 11. Visit the gallery, experience the show, and take this rare opportunity to interact with the artist directly. In accordance with the most recent NYC guidelines, all guests intending to visit the gallery must provide proof of vaccination.

This exhibition is also available to view in Sato Sakura Gallery’s online viewing room.

Nihonga artist Megumi Yamaura

About the Artist

Megumi Yamaura belongs to the Nihon Bijutsuin (Japan Academy of Visual Arts), a prestigious organization dedicated to the research and promotion of Nihonga Japanese paintings that was founded in 1898. In addition to her principal submissions to Nihon Bijutsuin’s public exhibition INTEN, Yamaura’s works have been and continue to be featured in many other solo and group exhibitions.

For more than ten years, Yamaura has been presenting her works with “time” as her principal theme, with people, objects, botanicals, and landscapes as her motifs. She pays particular attention not only to the motif, but also to the flow of time surrounding the motif, such as the intersection of time in which humans have lived, and that of a particular landscape in a painting. In this way, Yamaura seeks to express a harmony between the “beauty of the present,” and “that which has been changed over time.”

Yamaura incorporates a flat, planar style which harmonizes with her exploration of the traditional aesthetic sense of jikūkan, or “space-time.”

She also uses traditional Japanese painting materials such as mineral pigments, sumi-ink, Japanese washi paper, and metal foils, capitalizing on the textural properties of these materials to create her works. In recent years, she has been exploring innovative and new Nihonga Japanese painting expressions using not only mineral pigments, but mixed media as well.

About Sato Sakura Gallery

Sato Sakura Gallery is a private Japanese fine art gallery and dealer based in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The gallery specializes in rare Japanese paintings—Nihonga— from renowned artists born after the start of the Showa Era (1926). They carefully curate their exhibitions to feature both post-war masters as well as artwork from the greatest emerging Nihonga artists of today. For more information, please visit the gallery’s website.