Mimi and Coco Put a Western Spin on Japanese Street Food

Takoyaki is the quintessential Japanese snack. A crispy dough surrounds bits of grilled octopus and is topped with mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce, katsuobushi (bonito flakes), and aonori (green seaweed flakes).

A little queasy at the thought of eating octopus? Find Mimi and Coco. Mimi and Coco’s teriyaki balls are fast becoming a standard of street fairs across New York City, offering the Japanese street food with a Western twist.

Mimi and Coco at University Place Festival on August 13

Using the same principles of making traditional takoyaki, the native Japanese Mimi and Coco fill their teriyaki balls with country sausage, shrimp, and organic potato instead of octopus. The sauce and toppings also appeal to the Western palate: Sliced almonds, crunchy tempura flakes, teriyaki sauce, and a light mayo.

Mimi and Coco make teriyaki balls at Japan Block Fair in May


Mimi and Coco's potato teriyaki balls

The finished product looks just like the genuine article but doesn’t have the fishy taste that may turn some people away.

Mimi and Coco will serve their Western brand of Japanese street food at the Electric Zoo Festival over Labor Day Weekend.

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