Jessica Joly

Miss Sake USA to Join American Sake Association’s Sake Social Sunday

Sake Social Sunday!

Sunday, May 3 from 8:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Via Zoom:

Admission: Free

The American Sake Association is hosting a Sake Social this Sunday! Last week 60 sake fans enjoyed the live tour of Brooklyn Kura Sake Brewery. I had a wonderful time serving as one of the co-hosts, and you can check out the video of the event here.

I’ll be helping out behind the scenes this coming Sunday, as ASA has another great sake-centric event planned. This week’s hosts, Amanda Berkowitz, John Puma, and Timothy Sullivan, will welcome Miss Sake USA, Jessica Joly.

Jessica has been active in the U.S. Sake and hospitality industries for years. With the challenges of COVID-19, Jessica has worked overtime to offer help and support. She’ll talk about how she came to be involved with sake as well as her recent activities and activism in support of the industry.

All are welcome to take part, so please join us this Sunday if you can! Even if it is just to say a quick hello, we’d love to stay in touch with all of you. Please consider joining our Nijikai after party for an interactive and casual drinking party.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Chat During the Event

  • Grab a sake and be ready to KANPAI (Cheers!)
  • Click on the Raise Your Hand button to share a comment live on camera
  • Use the “Q&A” button to ask a question to the panelists
  • To use the chat, set the dropdown to “Panelists AND Attendees” to make sure everyone sees your messages

Bonus Event!

Join our 9:00 p.m. nijikai (“after party” in Japanese!) for a casual sake hangout. This will be a usual face-to-face Zoom meeting. It will allow everyone to chat, be seen, and Kanpai together!
Meeting ID: 923 8728 0393
Password: 443679

About the American Sake Association

The American Sake Association (ASA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the goal of educating individuals about sake while raising funds for charities approved by the Association.

We welcome anyone to join our events and learn about sake. The Association is a network of individual members and all are welcome! Companies, shops and corporations are not able to join as members but are welcome as partner-sponsors.

All are welcome to take part, so please join us this Sunday if you can! Even if it is just to say a quick hello, we’d love to stay in touch with all of you. Let’s connect and support each other as best we can. Stay safe and be well! KANPAI!

To purchase sake in New York City, please refer to this list of liquor stores and online apps.


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