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Modern Samurai • Men’s Kimono

Modern Samurai • Men’s Kimono

Thursday, October 18 through Sunday, October 21 from noon until 6:00 p.m.

Globus Washitsu – 889 Broadway (at E. 19th Street)

Admission: Free

A new and super-creative generation of Fashion Samurai is emerging in Japan and internationally, bravely setting out to redefine men’s kimono styles by keeping tradition alive while infusing it with new life. Their unique ensembles make a lasting impression at weddings, Kabuki theater, hip restaurants, or just hanging out.

For this groundbreaking exhibition, twelve international designers and stylists from Japan, Europe, and the United States contribute their innovative designs. Urban, elegant, or practical, they are all refreshingly modern and avant-garde coordinations, showcasing the new wave of male Wafuku, off-the-beaten-track, risky, whimsical, yet so worldly and sophisticated. Nearly two dozen outfits are presented at Globus Washitsu, the prefect setting of a Japanese teahouse with fine tatami mats and shoji screens.

Clearly, gentlemen’s kimono fashion is very much alive, up-to-date and ever so sugoi-cool.


Afrikan Kimono


FNZ Fujiyama of TokyoJoe

Hiroko Takahashi of Hirocoledge

Hiroshi H. Fujimasu

Katsura Sunshine

Logan Dobbs

Masaru Kidera of Fujikiya


Modern Antenna

Robe Japonica

Wazigen Shizukuya

This exhibition is curated by Spree Kingyo, the Japanese name of costume historian Ann-Dorothee Schlüter, which she uses to help her promote kimono culture in Europe and beyond. Known for her informative fashion shows, academic lectures, everyday Kitsuke consulting, and groundbreaking exhibitions, Spree is constantly active spreading kimono love and understanding among Western cultures from her native Berlin.

For more information, please visit the exhibition’s Facebook page.