Monday Michiru, Joe's Pub, NYC, Japan, jazz, concert, music

Monday Michiru Birthday Live at Joe’s Pub

Monday Michiru Birthday Live at Joe’s Pub

Friday, August 30 at 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:00 p.m.)

Joe’s Pub – 425 Lafayette Street

Admission: $18

Monday Michiru, so named to reflect both her Japanese and American-Italian heritages, started her music endeavors by studying classical flute. Later, she expanded to singing and songwriting. She is the daughter of famed jazz musicians Toshiko Akiyoshi and Charlie Mariano and stepdaughter of venerable flautist Lew Tabackin. Michiru easily adapted the language of jazz heard in home into her other musical influences, which range from soul to urban club to Brazilian and more.

Early Career

Her 1987 debut in Japan was not in music but as an actress. She won Best New Actress awards that allowed her to expand her career acting in movies, stage theater, and television. She also hosted her own video programs and modeled for major commercial ads.

Since her 1991 solo record debut, Michiru has consistently released albums on an annual basis. She has also been a featured guest on various artists’ projects internationally. Her musical style runs the gamut from house to jazz to Latin to soul, an indefinable hybrid that is undeniably hers. Her most recent recording, Naked Breath 2, an acoustic duet album, is a departure from her more produced works showcasing her songwriting skills.

Monday currently resides in New York. She toured throughout Japan in the spring and performed at the Innervision Festival in London this summer.

Monday Michiru, Joe's Pub, NYC, Japan, jazz, concert, music

Musicians Misha Tsiganov, Leo Traversa, Masaharu Shimizu, and Riku Taira will join Michiru for her performance at Joe’s Pub, which will be a belated birthday bash for the songstress.

There is a two-drink and $12 food minimum per person. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit Joe’s Pub’s website.

Michiru has been able to parlay her pedigree into a significant career of her own, staking a place within jazz as singer and composer crafting danceable but artistically significant Brazilian flavored acid-jazz and soul with an underground flair…Multi-talented with a lot to show for it, Monday Michiru’s lack of any commercial success in the American market is a bit baffling and the uncompromising Soulception likely won’t break her into it.  But that’s on us Americans, not her.  The few Yanks who will find this record are likely to consider themselves lucky that they did.”
— Something Else