Monkey Majik's First NYC Performance Tonight

Monkey Majik, Yoshida Brothers, J-pop, shamisen, Japan, Japanese music, Sendai, Tohoku, 3.11, 3/11, benefit
Monkey Majik (Photo: Edward Entertainment Group)

Successful J-pop band Monkey Majik will make its New York City debut Wednesday night (11/14), part of a three-city North American tour with world-famous shamisen players the Yoshida Brothers.

Preston Hatfield of JQ Magazine interviewed his fellow JET alum and Monkey Majik founder Maynard Plant for Here’s a taste:

Regarding this tour, Monkey Majik x Yoshida Brothers in North America, is this your first time performing in New York? What is the occasion for having the tour now?

We’ve wanted to play in New York for a while. Considering we’ve played in Canada several times you’d think we could have done it, but timing never worked out. It was about a year ago when we started talking about combining an Asian and North American tour with our Japan tour, and naturally, New York was a must. The Yoshida Brothers kindly agreed to join in on the fun in North America and we’re so grateful to them.

You do a lot to develop your relationship with your fans and your community in Sendai, perhaps most notably through the relief work you did in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Would you mind sharing a bit about how you helped with the SENDProject and what you took away from the experience?

SEND愛 is an ongoing project that we started in 2011 in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake. Immediately after the earthquake, we spent several months doing individual volunteer work in the devastated areas and felt that eventually, when most of the cleanup was finished, people may begin to forget. We felt we needed to start something that could continue for years to come. As musicians, we thought that a benefit concert would be a good place to start. In addition to concerts, we’ve also put together auctions and other events to promote awareness and to help those victims who are most in need.  Our next concert will be in Tokyo at NHK Hall on December 21st. With the help of our fans and the community at large, we’ve been able to not only raise awareness but also raise needed funds to support the immediate victims of Japan’s worst natural disaster in history.

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For more information about the concert at Webster Hall, check out JapanCulture•NYC’s events page.


Monkey Majik, Yoshida Brothers, J-pop, shamisen, Japan, Japanese music, Sendai, Tohoku, 3.11, 3/11, benefit
Yoshida Brothers (Photo: Domo Music Group)