Obayashi's HOUSE at Videology Bar & Cinema


House, Videology Bar & Cinema, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, Japan,  Nobuhiko Obayashi

$5 Midnights: House

Friday, July 1 and Saturday, July 2 at Midnight

Videology Bar & Cinema – 308 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

Admission: $5

Seven girls on their summer trip pay a visit to a possessed house which plans to eat them in extremely bizarre and surreal ways. How to describe Nobuhiko Obayashi’s indescribable 1977 movie House (Hausu)? As a psychedelic ghost tale? A stream-of-consciousness bedtime story? An episode of Scooby-Doo as directed by Mario Bava? Any of the above will do for this hallucinatory head trip about a schoolgirl who travels with six classmates to her ailing aunt’s creaky country home and comes face-to-face with evil spirits, a demonic house cat, a bloodthirsty piano, and other ghoulish visions, all realized by Obayashi via mattes, animation, and collage effects. Equally absurd and nightmarish, House might have been beamed to Earth from some other planet. Never before available on home video in the United States, it’s one of the most exciting cult discoveries in years.

Whether you’ve seen it before or you’re losing your ghost cat virginity for the very first time, all who watch this film are forever changed…into bananas.

Videology is an independent micro-cinema located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, offering a wide range of film programming and events in their unique 50-seat screening room, along with full food and beverage service in the theater throughout each presentation.

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