Okinawan Band 7!! (seven oops) to Perform at Webster Hall


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Currently the hottest new-comer in the Japanese music scene, 7!! (pronounced “seven oops”) will have their first live performance in New York City at The Studio at Webster Hall on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27. FCI Morning EYE invited 200 fans for this special one-night-only event.

All of the members of this four-piece band from Okinawa write lyrics and compose songs filled with pop melody. Once you listen to vocalist NANAE’s sweet and innocent voice, you’ll never forget it. The group has had success with recording theme songs for movies and anime. They made a major debut on April 2011 with the single “Fallin Love,” the theme song for movie High School Debut. Their second single, “Lovers,” is known worldwide as the opening theme for anime NARUTO –Shippuden. Next, “Bye Bye” attracted a lot of attention as the opening theme for the anime Kimito Boku, which was broadcast overseas. Famous actors Satomi Ishihara and Kei Tanaka appear in the music video.

7!! (seven oops), Okinawa, J-pop, music, Japan, Japanese music, FCI, Fujisankei, FCI Morning Eye, anime, movies, theme songsTheir song “Nijiiro” can be heard Monday through Friday as the theme song for FCI Morning EYE, the informational TV program shown in the US. They released their first album, Dokidoki, on March 6, 2013, and their current hit, “Sayonara Memory,” is the ending theme for the anime NARUTO – Shippuden.

7!! performed at the Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012, one of the largest anime festivals in Southeast Asia. The group’s songs are now available on iTunes and Amazon in 19 countries, including the US.

For more information about 7!!, please visit their official website (in Japanese) and their official Facebook page.

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