Photos from the Kimono Fashion Show at Grand Central Terminal

Wow, what a wonderful afternoon of kimono fashion! The Kimono Fashion Show was simply fantastic. A parade of exquisite kimono of different styles, colors, and patterns worn by almost 130 people (around 90 who flew from Japan just for this event) filled Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal. Specific styles for children, adults, seniors, women, and men showed the generational versatility of Japan’s traditional garment. The show was the brainchild of Takuji Omori, president of Hoshoen and Libre Ltd, one of Japan’s leading kimono sellers and the supplier of the spectacular attire on display today. Due to illness Omori was unable to fly to New York to see his vision come to life in person, but a staff of kimono stylists and hair and makeup artists led by Willie and Hitomi Banks made Omori’s dream a successful reality.