Popup Market Features Japanese Products

DECO BOKO Market at NowHere

Now through Saturday, January 30

NowHere – 40 Wooster Street (between Grand and Broome Streets)

Admission: Free

Based in New York, DECO BOKO is the first wholesale trade show in the U.S. that focuses on Japanese products in the design/gift industry. DECO BOKO Market is a phygital (physical + digital) show, a space where exhibitors, visitors, and staff are able to manage the exhibition safely.

Filling in the Gaps

DECO BOKO’s organizers are Japanese natives who have been supporting Japanese brands and manufacturers in an effort to give them opportunities to succeed in the US market. Although there is high potential in Japanese products that are well made and well designed, there are often gaps between the Japanese brands and the American buyers that makes it hard to do business. Hence the phrase “DECO BOKO,” which means “unevenness” in Japanese, and it can also mean “filling in the gaps.”

The kanji characters for DECO BOKO look like two puzzle pieces: 凸凹. Both the phrase and the kanji served as inspiration for Studio Newwork, the New York-based design studio that created the show’s logo.

The purpose of this show is to help fill in the gaps between the Japanese brands and US buyers, for better transparency and fewer steps to achieve a business relationship for both parties.

Participating Brands


Hours: Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
Closed Monday and Tuesday
No Reservation Required

About NowHere

NowHere is a hub for emerging Japanese artists. The focus of the SoHo gallery is on creatives who come from Japan to New York City, whether for a visit or to stay. They feature work from a broad spectrum of media, from digital to fashion, culinary arts to photography, and everything in between. NowHere is dedicated to building community and expanding their artists’ networks. For more information, please visit NowHere’s website.

Featured image: @fromrush