Sachiyo Ito and Company to Explore Themes of Snow in First Performance of 2021

Salon Series No.68: Symbolism of Snow

Sunday, January 31 at 3:00 p.m. EST

Live Stream on YouTube

Admission: Free

Sachiyo Ito and Company will host its first performance of 2021 on the last day of January.

Taking the symbolism of snow, Salon Series No.68 will herald in the snowy season and welcome a new season of unity into the world.

Snow is a popular theme in the Japanese traditional arts, poetry, music, and dance. It often symbolizes the ephemeral quality of love, as it melts away. This symbolism is central to the 18th century Kabuki dance Heron Maiden, which Ito will perform.

Guest artists include musician Kaoru Watanabe, vocalist Beth Griffith, dancer Julia Kulakova, as well as the Dancejapan Ensemble. They will add improvisation of poetry, music, and dance to the program. The dancers will choose a poem from their respective cultures that reference snow, and using reverence to nature as a springboard, they will offer their interpretations of the theme.

The program intends to send a message that each human being is as precious and unique as each individual snowflake, and yet similar in essence beyond differences in race, ethnicity, and culture.

Registration is not required. To watch the program, please visit for the YouTube link, which will be available by January 24. The link will be active for 24 hours after the performance on January 31.

For more information about the performance and Sachiyo Ito, please visit Sachiyo Ito and Company’s website.