Dancer, instructor, and choreographer Sachiyo Ito

Sachiyo Ito and Company’s Final Salon Series Dedicated to Renku

Sachiyo Ito and Company’s Salon Series No.74: Renku (Linking Verses) and Dance

Sunday December 18 at 3:00 p.m.

Tenri Cultural Institute – 43AWest 13th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues)

Admission: $20 | $15 Seniors and students

Sachiyo Ito and Company’s Salon Series, informative and educational lectures, lecture-demonstrations, and performances about the arts of Japan, is ending after 25 years.

The 74th and final Salon Series will present renku (linking verses) and dance.

The program will present a classical Kabuki dance, a work fusing classical Japanese dance and Okinawan dance, and a contemporary dance Sachiyo Ito created. Then, audiences will be introduced to haiku, the shortest form of Japanese poetry, and to renku, a much less known form from which haiku developed.

As the highlight of the program, the poets and Ito will link verses and dances in an improvisation, accompanied by live music and singing. To conclude the program, audiences are invited to submit their haiku for the improvisation.

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Guest Artists

Beth Griffith
Masayo Ishigure
Yukio Tsuji
John Stevenson and his poet friends

Dancejapan Ensemble

Claudia Cao
Yuu Fujita
Mami Uchida
Sachiyo Ito

Dancer, instructor, and choreographer Sachiyo Ito
Gion Shoja by Sachiyo Ito

About Salon Series

For 25 years, world-class guest artists and experts gathered in an informal forum setting at Tenri Cultural Institute to share insights about the arts and culture of Japan.

The task of introducing the arts and culture of Japan is too immense for one person, and I was only able to open a small window. But it has been a gratifying journey for me, and my heartfelt thanks to our audiences, guest artists and lecturers, mentors, and colleagues is greater than words can express.  Please come and join us for the finale of this series that has spanned 25 years.”

—  Sachiyo Ito
On her Salon Series, which educated and entertained New York audiences for the past 25 years