Sachiyo Ito and Company’s Salon Series 60th Celebration Concert



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Sachiyo Ito and Company’s Salon Series 60th Celebration Concert

Sunday, June 18 at 5:00 p.m.

Baruch Performing Arts Center – 55 Lexington Avenue (Entrance on 25th Street between Lexington & 3rd Avenues)

Admission: $25/$20 seniors and students

Sachiyo Ito and Company will celebrate its 60th Salon Series in its 19th season with an exquisitely elegant and vibrant program featuring live music, the Dancejapan ensemble, and guest artists from Japan and New York. Supported by Consulate General of Japan in New York, The Salon Series 60th Celebration Concert will will show a diverse range of Japanese performing arts with music and dance from ancient to contemporary. Shogo Fujima, a Kabuki dancer from Japan, is the guest artist for this special occasion.

The concert program will begin with an ancient ceremony of purification and blessing with Etenraku, Gagaku music performed by Tenri Gagaku Music Society of New York. Following this will be three Kabuki dances. First, Fujima and Ito will perform Matsu no Hagoromo (The Angel’s Robe at the Pine Tree) from the 19th century Kabuki repertoire, based on the Noh play Hagoromo (Angel’s Robe). Next is the Kabuki dance Seiten no Tsuru (Cranes in the Blue Sky). Finally, Fujima will perform a solo, Masakado, an excerpt from a Kabuki dance drama. The next work is Soshun (Early Spring), created by Ito for seven dancers in the classical style. Ito is reviving one of the most popular pieces from last year’s Salon Series, Flower Petals Fall, but not the Flowers, a collaboration with a contemporary florist. The final work, Only Breath, is from Ito’s Poetry in Motion Concert. It celebrates humanism in the arts and the “oneness” of people across the boundaries of culture and ethnicity, with dancers representing multiple dance cultures from around the world.

The live accompaniment will include cello, biwa, shou, hichiriki, shakuhachi, electronic/synchronized music, percussions, voice, and poetry recitation.

The Salon Series is a series of performances with informative educational lectures and lecture-demonstrations on the performing arts of Japan. They are held on Sunday afternoons three times a year. A dialogue between artists and audience following each program provides further insights into art and culture, bridging the cultural differences. With world-class guest artists and speakers, the program has artistically and intellectually educated and inspired New York audiences.

To purchase tickets, please visit Baruch Performing Arts Center’s website.

Sachiyo Ito and Company is offering complimentary tickets to JapanCulture•NYC followers! To reserve your free tickets, please send an email to by Wednesday, June 14.