Sachiyo Ito Presents “Salon Series” Retrospective

Salon Series No. 71: Looking Back on 70 Programs

Thursday, December 30 at 7:00 p.m.

Streaming online at

Admission: Free (Donations appreciated)

Japanese native Sachiyo Ito has performed, choreographed, and taught various forms of Japanese and Okinawan dance in New York City for almost 50 years. She founded her non-profit dance organization, Sachiyo Ito and Company, in 1981. With her interpretations of Japanese traditional and contemporary dance, she brings East and West together.

©Sachiyo Ito

24 Years of Salon Series

Twenty-four years ago, Ito began her Salon Series, informative and educational lectures, lecture-demonstrations, and performances on Japan’s performing arts. Held three times, Salon Series is a grassroots program in many formats and on various topics. The series informs and investigates aspects of Japanese arts and culture. Ito compares Japanese dance to the dances of other cultures and collaborates with dancers and musicians of all genres. With world-class guest artists, dialogues between artists and the audience often lead to new insights and a deeper understanding not only of dance, but also of human nature.

In this special retrospective, Salon Series No. 71: Looking Back on 70 Programs, I will have the honor of joining Ito in conversation about her vision for the Salon Series. We will discuss the various themes and messages of the programs throughout the years and see video clips of selected past performances.

The link to the livestream is on Ito’s website,, and will be available to view for 24 hours. The program is free to watch, but tax-deductible donations to Ito’s non-profit are appreciated. To donate to Sachiyo Ito and Company NPO, please visit her website and follow the link to PayPal.

©Sachiyo Ito