SeiTomoko Salon’s Autumn Specials


Susan McCormac, JCNYC Founder

If you follow me on social media—and if you don’t, please do! @JapanCultureNYC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—then you’re familiar with my posts proclaiming “Black hair is happy hair!” whenever I go to my hair salon, SeiTomoko. I’ve been a loyal customer for 20 years, and I’m always thrilled with my black hair.

Now I’m thrilled to tell you about their amazing autumn specials that will make you look and feel beautiful!

SeiTomoko Salon also owns Tamago Skincare, a cozy East Village spot that offers luxurious massages and facials.

Is Hair Color Essential?

For those of you who may feel a little nervous about having your hair done during a pandemic, rest assured that SeiTomoko is taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. I’ll admit that I had some trepidation after New York entered Phase 2, which allowed salons to reopen. Before I made my first appointment, I was still weighing the importance of remaining safe at home against ridding my hair of the horrific gray that had overtaken it during four months of quarantine.

Eventually, I decided that I no longer wanted to admit that my natural color is actually gray, so I made an appointment for early July. It was comforting to know that SeiTomoko was taking the safety protocols seriously. Not only was I pleased with my black hair, but I felt safe while I was there.

Safety at SeiTomoko

Temperature Checks: As soon as you walk in the door at SeiTomoko, a staff member will check your temperature. If you register 104.5°F or higher, you will not be allowed to proceed with your appointment. The staff will also give you a couple of pumps of hand sanitizer upon entering as well.

Practicing Social Distancing: Customers are spaced six feet apart while having their hair done, with at least one chair between them.

Staff Protocol: When you’re having your hair done, obviously it’s impossible for your stylist to perform her job while standing six feet away from you. The stylists at SeiTomoko wear face masks, face shields, and disposable smocks. The capes that customers wear while getting haircuts are also disposable, so you know you’re not wearing something a previous customer has worn.

Cleanliness: Before any customers sit down, the staff sterilizes each seat. They also use UV disinfectants to sterilize all scissors and combs.

Air Quality: SeiTomoko imported an “air buster” from Japan that has cutting-edge air filtering technology that removes the coronavirus from the air.

Contact SeiTomoko for your next hair appointment and Tamago Skincare for your next massage or facial!

(This is a paid advertisement, and the author is a loyal customer of SeiTomoko Salon.)