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SPECTRUM presents a “東京 と ニューヨーク” “Tokyo to New York” Concert

SPECTRUM presents a “東京 ニューヨーク” “Tokyo to New York” Concert

Friday, August 2 from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Spectrum – 70 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn

Admission: $15/$10 seniors and students

“Tokyo to New York” is a one-hour concert featuring new music by New York- and Tokyo-based composers. This installment features prominent musician Thomas Piercy on clarinet and hichiriki teaming up with koto musician Miyama McQueen-Tokita. They will perform new music for clarinet/hichiriki and koto/bass koto.


  • Alyssa Aska ~ “distributions.unions”
  • Miyama McQueen-Tokita ~ “New Green”
  • Thomas Piercy ~ “Invisible Screams”
  • Edward Schocker ~ “Hymn for Lou and Bill”
  • Kazutomo Yamamoto ~ “Doldrums”

In addition to these works, Piercy and McQueen-Tokita will perform concert improvisations.

Spectrum has no advance ticket sales, so all tickets are available at the door on the night of the concert.

“Tokyo to New York” celebrates the connections between Tokyo and New York City with a series of concerts in Tokyo and New York – and throughout the world. The concerts feature new works composed for Western classical instruments as well as traditional Japanese instruments.

For more information about “Tokyo to New York,” please visit the website of Tonada Productions.