Spread Holiday Cheer with Fukushima "えがお Smile" Wrapping Paper

When Akemi Kakihara (who goes by AK) visited Fukushima in August, she performed a concert for the children at Fukushima Soma Minato Preschool. As a gesture of appreciation, the children, three- to five-year-olds who are unable to play outside due to the nuclear radiation issue, presented the New York-based pop singer with their own drawings. These drawings contained smiling faces, hearts, and flowers.

Upon returning to New York, AK decided to use these drawings to help the children of Fukushima. AK and her Facebook group, JP Girls NYC, combined the drawings into holiday gift wrap, creating Fukushima “えがお Smile” Wrapping Paper, for sale in stores around New York.

えがお (egao, pronounced “eh gaow”) means “smile” in Japanese, and JP Girls NYC hopes you will share these smiles with each present you wrap. The paper is available in two sizes: 11” x 17” for $1 a sheet and 24” x 36” for $5 a sheet.

Fukushima wrapping paper, JP Girls NYC
Fukushima "えがお Smile" Wrapping Paper

All of the profits from the sales of Fukushima “えがお Smile” Wrapping Paper benefit Japan Quake Fukushima Children Relief to provide support to children who lost their parents in the earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan on March 11.

When you give gifts this holiday season, make sure they’re wrapped in Fukushima “えがお Smile” Wrapping Paper. Brighten the lives of children in northeastern Japan.

For more information, “like” JP Girls NYC’s Facebook page.

Fukushima "えがお Smile" Wrapping Paper
Presents wrapped with Fukushima paper

[callout title=Where to buy Fukushima “えがお Smile” Wrapping Paper]

Kinokuniya – 1073 Avenue of the Americas (between 40th & 41st Streets)

Scribble Press – 1073 First Avenue (between 84th & 85th Streets) and 217 W. 84th (at Broadway)

Taro’s Origami Studio – 95 Seventh Avenue, 2nd Floor (at the corner of Union & President Streets in Park Slope, Brooklyn)[/callout]